Sri Lanka Customers Visited Our Factory for Dredging Machine

///Sri Lanka Customers Visited Our Factory for Dredging Machine

Sri Lanka Customers Visited Our Factory for Dredging Machine

Dredging machine is widely used to excavate up bottom sediments and widening from underwater, shallow seas or freshwater areas, or to keep waterways navigable and creates an anti sludge pathway for boats. A  way to replenish sand on some public beaches, where sand has been lost because of coastal erosion.

On this China national holiday, Sri Lanka customers visited us for the dredging machine. First we took them to our factory for the sand pump and sand dredger, we introduced our hot sale sand dredging machine they are interested, then we went to office for the commercial and technical communication.

The customers ordered sand dredger for a semi-government river dredging project. The dredge depth is more than 6m and the discharge distance is up to 800m, the sand output is over 110m3/h, the lift  height is more than 1m, the sand is very coarse with some broken seashell and mixed with some small storm about 50-60cm. The simple sand dredging machine ever applied for sand pumping is not enough for their business, so they came to OCEAN Pump for better sand dredging machine.


We are very professional with this working condition. We recommended two kind of high performance sand dredgers for them after detailed communication with each other. The 8 inch jet suction dredger with marine sand pump set and 10 inch jet suction dredger with gravel sand pump set were better solution for them.  We also recommended spare parts and the large diameter discharge pipeline for the sand dredger,  some rubber hose intervals with discharge pipe is also configured to stand up storms.

Finally, they ordered the 8 inch jet suction dredger equipped with the wear resistant sand pump set and powerful diesel engine. We were happy to have the pleasant cooperation!


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