Marine Sand Dredge Pump for Sand Blowing Ship in Malaysia Project

///Marine Sand Dredge Pump for Sand Blowing Ship in Malaysia Project

Marine Sand Dredge Pump for Sand Blowing Ship in Malaysia Project

Marine sand dredge pump is an impurity pump that extracts mud, fine sand, tailing slag and other media and carries long-distance transmission.
Marine sand dredge pump can be installed on dredger, ship, boat for sand and gravel pumping. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high hydraulic efficiency,  reliable operation in the delivery of solid particles.
The suction depth of marine sand dredge pump up to 35 meter under water. Discharge head up to 60 meter .And discharge distance up to 1000 meter-1500 meter without boost pump. The gravel size allowed to pass through up to 80mm.

factory marine sand dredge pump
Marine sand dredge pump with diesel engine

Our Malaysia customer signed a contract to blow sand for land reclamation projects. Also he want to take dry sand from the sand barge for long-distance transmission and recharging.
The ship design institute and our company jointly designed a sand blowing ship. And we determined the sand pump unit configuration scheme.Finally we selected our company’s marine sand dredge pump as main blowing pumps.  Also equipped with high-pressure water pumps and vertical sand pumps from our company .

Technical Parameter of Marine Sand Dredge Pump

Model 450PNS-50
Flow 2600m3/h
Head 50m
Rotation speed 600rpm
Power WEICHAI diesel engine
Gear box Type 600
Inlet diameter 450mm
Outlet diameter 400mm

At the end of June 2017,the marine sand dredge pump unit and high-pressure water pump were delivered to the customer-designated shipyard . As well as the vertical sand pump were completed in December 2017.

Marine sand dredge pump
Marine sand dredge pump application

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